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Thread: EB 2016 2 Band Stingray Classic Problem

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    EB 2016 2 Band Stingray Classic Problem

    Hi Guys.....I wondered if anyone can help me out with a problem I am having with my Stingray. I am thinking that there is a problem with the plug socket. I use a Mogami Gold cable with a straight plug end going into my interface and a angled plug end going into my Bass. I am getting all kinds of distortion and cut outs and also crackles when I move the angled plug end. I tested the battery which was at 9.67v so thats ok, I then plugged it into my Fender Pand J basses and everything was ok. I then reversed the cable plugging the angled end into my interface and the straight end into my Stingray and everything was ok.
    So the problem only happens when I plug the angled end of the Mogami cable into my Stingray.
    I have another cable which is just a long patch cable with an angled plug at one end and that is ok.
    This is really bugging me and would love some feedback on it.


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    What you describe is not unusual, especially with
    angled plugs, and is not limited to MM products. I
    seriously doubt there's anything wrong, or out of
    spec, about your bass.

    The problem with 1/4" phone plugs is that there is
    no exact standard for the tip shape. Compare the
    profile of a few different brands and you will see it
    varies. The innards of the jacks hafta accomodate
    many variations. Also the barrel of the jack has to
    have some clearance [not be too snug]. It all adds
    up to accepting occasional mismatches as normal
    occurrences. Angle plugs and heavy cables will be
    the worst offenders.

    Anywho, just use only "agreeable" cables, keep
    calm, and carry on :-)
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    Thank you for that response my friend!
    So it looks like the Gold Mogami cable which cost me nearly 100.00 sterling is not compatible with my Stingray when using the angled plug end into my Bass. For that price you would think it would be ok with any guitar and that is a disappointment.
    I have ordered a Planet Waves cable with angled ends which I was thinking of purchasing in the first place, a costly mistake methinks.
    Anyway at least other Stingray owners on here will know to stay clear of them before they spend some decent cash on a so called top of the range instrument cable.

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