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Thread: How to achieve this tone ?

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    How to achieve this tone ?


    so far being the passive bass owner I'm a little newbie when it comes to proper EQ.

    I own a MM Stingray 5 (3 band EQ) at the moment and I came across to this bass cover:

    Aint Nobody Bass Cover - Chaka Khan - Music Man Stingray 5 - YouTube

    And I must say I love the deep growly tone and it has always been THE tone I seek on my basses.

    Could you advice me, what EQ setting should I set on my onboard 3-band eq to achieve the tone ?

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    There are so many possibilities:
    Flats, Rounds, series, single-coil, parallel, strings, fingers, preamp, recording-equipment, not only the EQ.
    He mentioned his homepage at YT, so I would contact him directly.
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    He looks to have a ceramic era pickup in that bass. It also sounds that way. The ceramic had a bit more of a focused low end growl than the alinco pickup. You can tell which pickup you have by the pole pieces in the pickup. Ceramic = shiny metal. Alinco = flat gray.
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    As already mentioned there are waaaaay too many
    variables to allow an exact formulaic advice, but for
    growliness in general, raise your action, and avoid
    excessive gain on your whole tone chain. As to EQ,
    acoarst no one can offer you exact settings but, if
    you don't already know it, growly lives in the mids.

    Wouldn't hurt to get some COBALTS !!! They have
    so much output that you can lower your PU. When
    your PU is high, it's similar to dialing up too much
    gain ... woolly, boomy, but not growly.

    One thing about watching a video ... can you tell if
    it's a roasted neck ? Prolly can't, but a really HARD
    neck wood promotes growl.

    And, I certainly agree about the ceramic magnets.
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