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Thread: Starry nights and portaflexes

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    Starry nights and portaflexes

    Look great together! Sorry for the lack of detail of the headstock, pic doesn't do the flame justice.

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    I bet that kills. Beautiful combo.

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    looks superb!

    90s Stingray Teal with birdseye maple neck.

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    I love the way the fret board looks without position markers.

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    I love this thing, it has a beautiful round tone in position 3 with mids slightly cut and the bass slightly boosted. Sounds really aggressive in position 4 (inner coils) with everything flat with a little bass boost. B string sounds good all the way up the neck, which i partially attribute to the stock strings, as I tried a set of DR's and left them on for about 2 hours before I put the slinkies back on. I thought it would take some time to get accustomed to there being no fretboard markers, but with side dots it really hasn't messed with me at all. I haven't pulled any of my other basses out of their cases since I got this guy!

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