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Thread: Whatcha Waitin' On?

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    Starry Night 4H en route at last! And I didn't even need to sell my Cutlass!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinopah View Post
    Starry Night 4H en route at last! And I didn't even need to sell my Cutlass!

    Awesome bass!

    My favorite PDN.

    Hopefully it will not be the last PDN and they are just skipping this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinopah View Post
    Purple is my favorite color, and the MusicMan Firemist Purple is seriously my favorite shade of my favorite color. But... I'm not a fan of the matte black hardware - I like that big chrome moon on the Stingray, it's like the chrome on a classic muscle car. And the Powder Blue is an awesome classic looking color, so I went for that.

    I had been contemplating a 5-string, but after borrowing one for a couple of weeks and giving it a full go, decided for a few reasons to stick to 4's.
    Well, if you do get interested again in a Firemist Purple 5-string, i'd consider trading you all the chrome hardware from one of my 5s for your black hardware. :-) (I also love purple, and especially the Firemist!)
    SR 5 H trans teal fretless, 1993 - my first MM
    SR 5 H trans red fretted*, 1990 (orig. lined fl)
    SR 5 HH Dargie I fretted, 2007
    SR 5 Hp black fretless, 2007, white pg
    SR 4 HH BFR Redwood top, 2008, mahogany neck
    25th Anniversary 5 HSS fretted, 2009, rosewood fb
    Bongo 5 HHp Sapphire fretted, 2004, black ice pg
    Bongo 5 HSp Cardinal red sparkle fretless, 2014
    Bongo 6 HS Starry Night fretless ebony, 2017, w/roasted neck
    EB Earthwood acoustic bass, 70s
    EB Earthwood acoustic guitar, 1972

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    I may very well die a hoarders death buried in EBMM Basses but Iíll enjoy it.
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    It seemed like a dream, they got me hypnotized.

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