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Thread: Whatcha Waitin' On?

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    Whatcha Waitin' On?

    In the olden days of the forum, back before we understood that the internet was a series of tubes and could get clogged up purdy good, when we occasionally got together in large gatherings (thanks, BP!) or even small gatherings (that was usually at my house) and used the occasional 'bad word' because no one knew we even hung out here, there was always THE WAITING.

    I'd be waiting for this, ArmyBass would be waiting for that, meanwhile there were 80 or 90 trade deals pending and it was all pretty exciting (not for wives).

    So today's question is, just like in the title, "What are you waiting for?"

    I got a lot of stuff I'm jonesin' for (PURPLE BONGO) but have to be more careful with bass money than I used to be, so that sucks but i do have this one thing in the works.

    But let's see what everyone else is expecting.



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    Ever since the birth of my daughter in 2009, I've been very frugal (that's cheap for you youngins) with my bass equipment purchases. I haven't bought a new EBMM since then. I have had a few used, but nothing to order. I'm currently enjoying my recently acquired 2014 PDN Bongo 5. This thing plays and sounds great. I may have to keep this one for while.
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    I'm waiting on the next batch of Dargie's Delights... I'm hoping that they have roasted necks.

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    I'm also waiting for a white Reflex 5H to pop up for sale somewhere...

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    I am always down.... I am currently waiting on my very own... Brand Spanking New Stingray Classic, Natural Maple. It will be the sister to my Classic Sabre in the same color combo. I am also jonesing for a Sterling 5.... and and and

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    I keep my eye out for 5-knob FL Sterlings and SRs.
    OTOH, I already have quite few, but since MM has
    now dropped the 5-knob [aka "piezo"] option, my
    knee jerk response was to buy the next one that I
    encountered. Having quite unnecessarily done that,
    I guess I'm set. A Boingo HS4p-FL might turn my
    head [already playing a 1Hp FL ... way yummy ! ]
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    Early EB SR4 defretted
    SR4HH FL [Moses neck]
    SL4p FL [x2] - SL4HS FL
    SL4HS FL [Moses neck]
    SR5HS alnico - SR5p FL [x2]
    Bongo4Hp FL [x2]

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    Definitely waiting for those Coral Red Cutlass/Caprice to hit stores. I don't have an active plan to save for one, but I imagine I will as soon as they're out there.

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    wawiting for you kids to pull the trigger!
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    Very itchy trigger finger here..... Pulled and pulled again.... waiting on my third NEW EBMM in the past 12 months and trying to decide the specs for number 4.
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    There are so many options that it is difficult to decide. I love the Classic Series and really wanted a Classic Stingray 5 but I am a HUGE SR5 fan and like the original SR5 design so that was tough.... had to start with a Classic Ray 4 and a Standard SR5. Got my NEW 3 band Stingray at the end of the summer. That bass continues to impress me nd makes me want more of the same. The two Classic Sabre's were just the icing on top. I lucked into those.

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    Currently out in the wild:
    Dargie 1 Sterling HS or HH

    Not yet available:
    Cutlass and/or Caprice 5-string

    2018 Bongo 5 HH Barolo
    2010 Big Al 5 SSS Sterling Silver
    2016 Caprice Heritage Tobacco
    2007 Sterling 4 HS Dargie Delight
    2013 Sterling 4 HH Sapphire Black
    2014 Sterling 5 HH Vintage Sunburst
    2019 Stingray Short Scale Ultra Marine Blue

    2011 Silhouette HSH Candy Apple Red
    2011 Silhouette HSH Vintage Sunburst
    2016 Cutlass SSS Ivory White
    2016 Valentine Trans Buttermilk

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    Waiting for funds to build up for my next purchase.

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    I am hoping to land a fretless lefty SR4 or 5 at some point. A "blank plank" Ray is calling my name!
    1. Trans Gold SR5, (Alnico)
    2. Trans Orange SR5, (Ceramic)
    3. Black SR5 (Alnico)
    4. Gremlin Green SR5 (Ceramic)
    5. Trans Green SR5 (Ceramic)
    6. True Gold Bongo 5 H with Torte
    7. Trans Red Sterling 4 Fretless
    8. Blue Dawn LE SR4
    9. Black Cherry Burst SR4

    All Lefty

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    I have a large collection! I would like more in terms of EBMM guitars, and I do like the 30th Anniversary SR5...what a thing of beauty, but, and this is just how things are in the UK since we decided to leave the EU (rolling my eyes, trying not be political) the has tanked SO badly that the pricing on a lot of imported products has gone insane over here. Not to mention CITES.....

    So, buying imported American instruments has taken a backseat for me for now. I'll be back for a Valentine or St Vincent guitar once things sort themselves out. Sorry EBMM...I know you have ZERO control over all of this.
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    2011 Big Al 5 SSS Vintage Sunburst/Tort/Rw
    2011 Sterling 5 HS Tobacco Burst/Black/Rw
    2011 Stingray 5 Classic Natural/Black/Birdseye Mp
    2012 Bongo 5 HH Tangerine Pearl/Black
    2013 Bongo 5 HS Sky Blue/Vintage White Pearl
    2013 Stingray 5 HH Honeyburst/White/Mp
    2014 Albert Lee HH Vintage Sunburst/Tort/ALL Rw!
    2016 Stingray HH Guitar Black/Black/Rw

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    I'm waiting for another mahogany body/roasted neck PDN offering. I want a mahogany bodied Sterling HH 4!

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