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Thread: Cobalt Flats

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    Cobalt Flats

    I know this isn't the string forum, so feel free to move this if you think it's necessary, but there seems to be more people over here, so...

    After seeing the Mike Herrera demo video, I ran out and ordered a set.

    My question is for any of you that have used these strings. Do they go dead or just mello out or do they keep their tone over time? I don't have any experience with traditional flats, but these are, pleasantly, much brighter than I expected flats to be and it has me wondering how often most people replace them with new ones.


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    Very interesting. I've never tried these flats, but I do have experience with EBMM regular flats, and they mellow over time. They also never sounded as bright and focused as these Cobalt flats. I had my flats on my SR5 for over 3 years, and they were still going strong. I took them off and still have them.

    I wonder if they come in a 5 string set?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlepre View Post
    I wonder if they come in a 5 string set?
    They come in a 5 string set (that's what I got) and, IMHO, sound amazing.

    Just don't get your beard anywhere near them, if you have one. They seem to be beard magnets on a mission to rip it out a few hairs at a time

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    I've had them on my 40th since I got it and have played them a LOT over the last few months. So far so good. They still have enough zing to make me giggle. I assume they will someday 'mellow' but being me, I might not notice.

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    I've had them on my Fretless Stingray for about 18 months and they're still great. Mine were a bit sticky to the touch for a week or so but have been perfect since.
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    I've had them on my fretless for quite a while - not sure how long but, for sure, over a year. I guess they are brighter than normal new flats but they're also punchier and fatter on the bottom end so it balances out to some extent. I can't say I've really noticed that they've mellowed at all. It's hard to tell.

    I also found them a bit sticky or, maybe a better term is "grippy" (harder to slide your finger) initially but after a little while that goes away.

    I don't really imagine replacing them for a long time.

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    I have been playing these on my Bongo 4HH for a few months now and I can't believe how much I like them. Plenty of zing and just the right amount of give for my goofy style of inappropriate, fast runs in blues songs. One of these days my bandmates are going to hurt me badly. Deservedly so.

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    I have set on my three band Stingray and they are great. Great focus and good lows and mids for most of what I do but in the one or two tunes I actually slap on, they respond quite well. Ordered a secong set for my SR5.... will try them on my gig this week.

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    I just picked up a solid rosewood neck SR5H and am thinking the spare set of Colbalt flats I have at home will be a perfect fit...
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    I have them on my Stingray 4 and my P Bass and they sound great on both. I used to swear by D'Addario Chromes as I wanted that kind of Roundwound sound but without the finger noise and the Cobalts have replaced them now. Like others have said they are a bit grippy at first but I really like them. After 6 months use they are still keeping their tone which is really good as I do play a lot.

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    Lord Bongo help me, I think I'm about to put some on my Bongo 5HH now.

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    I didn't really care for the Cobalt rounds, but on a whim tried the Cobalt Flats. Man, I'm glad I did. They are great. Still going strong after a few months.

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    Just put a set on my SR5 HH and I think I actually like them better on the 5 than the 4 for what ever reason... but man do they have booty... be careful with that three band bass boost. You will need much less of it. And the only time I experience the grabby feel was when I had sweat on my fingers. Other than that they feel glassy smooth to me.

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    I never heard of flats getting old.
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    I would like to again reiterate how much I love these strings. Several months of sweaty playing and they've only gotten better.

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