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Thread: Thank you Sterling and forum members!

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    Thank you Sterling and forum members!

    7 years ago today, my wife Rochelle was diagnosed with breast cancer but is thankfully a survivor. When she was diagnosed, I had just joined this forum but had not bought a single EBMM yet. I made a post asking about having a breast cancer awareness bass built to help raise funds and awareness. Sterling Ball was kind enough to build the bass and then donated the funds from it to our Relay For Life team and encouraged forum members to do the same. Just from everyone on here, approximately $7,500.00 was raised that year. The most ever for our team, before and after that.

    Today my wife and I were talking about that time and remembering the nightmare and uncertainty ahead. We were scared and didn't know what the future held. Thankfully, she beat it!

    I just wanted to make this thread to thank everyone once again. I was new here and everyone from Sterling on down was here for me, a new guy in a way we can never repay. Thank you all once again for your kindness, your well wishes, thoughts and prayers. It truly has always stuck with us will be never be something we forget.

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    Sterling is the ****ing man! Nobody else like him left in the business.... God bless you and your wife and the Ball family!

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    Great story...thanks for sharing!
    Such a fabulous family here...
    Balls are Best!!

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    Good to hear all's well

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    That's an amazing story and I'm glad your wife is well. A big cheer for sterling and all the music man boys at the factory, not only do they do an amazing job but they've gone above and beyond to do something amazing for a good cause.

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    I'm very happy to hear your wife is doing well. And glad you're back with us too!
    Buncha Rays and Bongos

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    This is good news all around. I remember those days and hoping and wishing the very best for you and the wife. The forum can be a powerful tool for mankind!


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    great to look back on!
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