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Thread: Volume knob doing something funny

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    Volume knob doing something funny

    To start with I own a Big Al 5 SSS. The problem I am talking about is that when I turn my volume knob all the way up it cuts completely out, but if I just turn it down a fraction the sound comes back full force. Could this be a volume pot issue? Or could be a preamp issue? I only own one bass right now and gig weekly so I am hoping someone here can give me some help. I will contact customer service if no one here has advice. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    If it sounds right except for cutting out at the top,
    it's 99% certain it's just the pot. Try blasting it out
    with cleaner before replacing it. But prolly needs a
    new one.
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    I have got the very same issue with my 40th Anniversary Stingray. Odd.

    I am taking it back to the store tomorrow.
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