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Thread: Single coil tone

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    Single coil tone

    One of the backup singers i work with was leading today at a venue with a house band. She asked me to come and play and at the last minute I decided to take my sterling 5HS. It has been a closet queen as i usually take my sub 5 in my avatar. Plugged it in straight thru with the house bass players sansamp turned off. Thought for a second about which pickup selection and went for the 2 single coils. Oh my! Cobalts and the singles, cutting thru 8 people on stage. Love that sound, sterlings are the best MM.

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    Yeah man! I have always loved the sterling and the old SR5 in single coil mode!

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    Two singles is my favorite settling on my HH Sterling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdgotoh View Post
    Two singles is my favorite settling on my HH Sterling.
    The switch on my HH Sterling is permanently parked in the #2 position. That tone is perfect for me.
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