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    Hello EB/MM forum fans! Just wanted to introduce myself, and to let you know what I and the other EB people will be doing on the forums here. I will be posting a separate thread in the guitar and bass forums in order to give everyone a chance to read and respond.

    If you donít know me, my nameís Casey Ball. Iím Sterlingís youngest, and Iíve worked in various capacities at both EBMM and Big Poppa Smokers over the years. Iíve been put in as an admin and brand ambassador to Ernie Ball and Music Man. I want to be a direct representative of the company, listen to feedback, help add new content to the forums, foster the existing board culture, get some new blood in here, and have fun talking about guitars, basses, strings, pedals, any and all the products we make.

    Frankly, itís about time we gave the forums a little TLC. We want to provide an exciting and inviting experience for all users; noobs and vets alike. Weíre also working on a facelift for the forums. One other thing: I and the other EB staff will be looking to gradually deputize more mods who show themselves to be knowledgeable and engaged users, and who wonít engage in any funny business with mod powers.

    If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see us implement into the forums Iíd be glad to hear it. Iíll be doing some janitorial work on the forums, cleaning up some old stickies, organizing any threads that may be in the wrong place, redundant threads, etc.

    One thing I would like to do is create a one stop thread for things like FAQs, explaining board jargon, essentially just what a noob would need to get started and not make a faux pas. This will be continually edited in case I miss anything, or we need to make new additions to the existing thread. Forum vet feedback on this issue will be appreciated. Each board will have its own FAQ/required reading since they all have different focus. Basically, Iíll boil it down to ďPlay Nice. Use Common Sense. Flaming/harassment/politics is NOT OK.Ē

    As a reward for being loyal forum members we want the forums to be the place for especially cool EBMM content that you wonít see anywhere else. We want to give you guys sneak peeks on new stuff, show you some weird stuff from the vault, get feedback on new or upcoming products, opportunities for Q&As with the rest of the Ball family or the EBMM crew or artists, exclusive cool stuff for the hardcore fan.

    I wanna speak frankly: Iím new to the forums. Iíve met some long time users at meet-ups, Iíve lurked the forums from time to time over the years, and have spent lots of time on forums other than these ones. Though I have an admin position, I donít want to throw my weight around and act like a big shot without showing you guys I mean business about taking care of the forums.

    TL;DR version: Everyone keep doing what youíre doing. We have a great community, and we want to kick it back into gear.

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    Sounds outstanding!
    I like you already....
    Balls are Best!!

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    Casey is the bomb. Also, according to my wife, the best looking of the Ball sons. (I favor Scott, but then we have history.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bovinehost View Post
    Casey is the bomb. Also, according to my wife, the best looking of the Ball sons. (I favor Scott, but then we have history.)
    Aw, shucks Jack! Appealing to my vanity is a sure way to score points.

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    Wow, on the very same day (almost) that I realized how much I missed this place, great timing!
    bovinehost: Yes, I do agree with that, but if there's nothing wrong then there's nothing wrong.
    Beth: I would compare Bongo to Tommy Lee Jones. Bad a$$ and just hot in a weird way...
    cheezewiz: They should take their lace thongs off and play bass.

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    Excellent! I look forward to this.
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    Hello Casey. Nice to meet you. I look forward to seeing the new changes. First, if there is anything that I can do to help grow the brand, please let me know what. I have very good knowledge of most of the EBMM guitars and basses made and either currently own most of your basses or have owned them in the past. My latest is the 30th Anniversary Stingray 5 H. It has quickly become my favorite bass that I own. You guys knocked that build out of the park. Some feedback I would like to give is please make more roasted neck basses. I can't get enough of those! I'm also a huge fan of the Bongo. My only dislike on it is the painted neck. I really wish having a standard unpainted neck was an option. I have spoken to other bass players and they have said that is also there one dislike as well. Thank you though for all that you and your family does. I will always be loyal and grateful for everything that your Dad and EBMM has done for my family.

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    Is this where the old-timers dust off our keyboards and say hi to Casey (hi Casey). And where we tell Casey how we have always (collectively the whole forum) wanted a Classic Series Bongo with mute bridge and/or a fancy top Bongo. Jack you got my back? But Seriously, the BFR thread needs to go away because none of the pictures work anymore. I would love to see a One-Off or artist special thread for us lowly's to drool over. Everybody always loves pictures from the factory as well, maybe one of those every now and again. JOSH

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    Thanks, Casey!
    This is a great place and it has been missing "something" for a while (the people are still great, though). Looking forward to what is coming.
    - Ritch
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    Thanks everybody for the warm welcome. Let me address some things individually:

    JayDawg: I'm very glad you like the 30th, I think its an exceptional bass as well, performance-wise and aesthetically. I'm sure you know that we're always working on stuff behind the scenes, refining existing designs and coming up with new stuff all the time. I think an oil/wax neck on the Bongo would be killer. I have a stealth Bongo 4H myself, and I think that would be very cool. The Bongo has its die-hards and people who just don't get it, maybe we can win over some people who have discounted it.

    mmbassplayer: thanks for the welcome. mute bridge with a maple top would be cool, maybe sort of a Monarchy Majesty style treatment. Both the Majesty and Bongo are clear examples of Sterling's unique design ethos, maybe we can blend the two a little. BFR thread makes sense, I'll talk to the mods about cleaning up some stickies.

    Again, thanks to all for the warm welcome. More stuff is always coming, instrument-wise, string-wise forum-wise, you name it. To quote HBO's The Wire: Its a New Day in Baltimore.

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