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Thread: Firemist Purple vs. Barolo Purple

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    Firemist Purple vs. Barolo Purple

    I am really digging the new Firemist Purple and want to order another Bongo in that color. The problem is, I hate painted necks and if I order a Bongo, that is my only choice. However, I just found the Guitar Center/Musicians Friend exclusive Bongo in Barolo purple and a roasted neck. It's only in 5 string and dual humbucker configuration but I can live with that. I was wondering though if someone has seen both purples in person and how different do they look?

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    No idea about the difference, but that Barolo 5HH is gorgeous, just get that one!
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    Barolo is definitely a darker purple that under regular lighting is a bit more subdued than the Firemist Purple. The Firemist series are "in your face" colors.
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    I have a Barolo JPX, it is very dark.

    If I could, I'd get a JP6 in that firemist purple in a new york second!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteDuBaldo View Post
    Barolo is definitely a darker purple that under regular lighting is a bit more subdued than the Firemist Purple. The Firemist series are "in your face" colors.
    I saw the Barolo GC special edition today in person, it seemed to be much more metallic than the firemist purple I have at home.
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    The Guitar Center that I go to just got one in. The manager is keeping it in the box and off the floor for me until I get some gear sold to get it. I'm hoping that one of my Stingray 5's, gets sold this week. I hate having to sell one off but I absolutely love that Bongo with the roasted neck and must have it.

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    I got the Firemist purple in a 6 string HS. When I saw a Bongo in purple I had to have it -but having three Bongo 5 strings already I could only justify it if there was something rad different - so a 6 string.

    The purple is pretty dark - the salesman quipped that it was "Deep Purple". On stage it looks more like black. The Barolo has more a metal flake it seems but the hue of purple seems similar. That is by going over pics on the Internet of course - not side by side. Both purples have more blue in them making them dark. I tend to go to the redder magenta myself - but hey - A Bongo in purple is still purple.


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