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Thread: Swapping ceramic for alnico on a sterling 5HS

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    Swapping ceramic for alnico on a sterling 5HS

    Hello everyone,

    I've done a little research but have not found the direct answer I'm looking for. I want to swap out the ceramic pickup on my sterling and am wondering if this will work as just a "drop-in" swap or if I'll run into problems and will have to do further mods, as the current configuration uses the phantom coil. I also was only going to switch out the humbucker for the time being and keep the single coil as it currently is. Any help is much appreciated!


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    Rotsa ruck ..... EBMM is not Fender.

    Fenders are just a platform for hot
    rodding. EBMMs are well integrated
    totalities. Don't say nobody warned
    you. A further distinction of EBMM
    as compared to Fender is that you
    cannot simply order parts as retail
    items. And you cannot exchange a
    part for a different version ... direct
    exact replacement only.

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    It's your bass, you can do what you want, within certain parameters, or course. Which of the alnicos were you interested in?
    If I was you, if, say, I liked the Seymour Duncan pickup, I would call up their customer service or technical support department
    and explain what you had in mind, and ask if their pickup would work as a drop in without other additional problems. If they
    would not help you, move on to another pickup company. Often those aftermarket products people are very familiar with
    the various applications of their products, where they will and will not work well. Try it out, it doesn't cost anything to ask the questions. Cheers, javadog

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