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Thread: CITES Permit for Re-Entering US for EBMM Sterling 2008?

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    CITES Permit for Re-Entering US for EBMM Sterling 2008?

    Is the rosewood fretboard on Sterlings made in 2008 listed in the appendix II or not?

    It's a big difference that determines if I need to apply for a traveling musican permit with the US F&W Service. I suspect is it is appendix II listed, but how do I prove that? Can I get a detailed list from EB on the species of rosewood used for the serial number of my bass?

    Maybe I should just go out and buy a maple neck bass for traveling. I don't need this crap.
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    PM Sent!
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    Thanks WillyD.

    It's not this year or next year that I'm worried about. It's crossing the border 10 years from now, and whether US agents would remember what is what for rosewood.. whether my rosewood is appendix II or I.

    The Sterling replaced a pbass that I used for 25 years. I still have another 17 or 18 years to go with this one before I consider a replacement. Oddly, my old bass had no rosewood on it, it was maple with an alder body. I was eyeing a black stingray with a maple neck too. Maybe should have gotten that one for simplicity sake, but I wanted a slimmer neck but did not know of the SLO version at the time. How the world turns, or maybe how the government turns the world?

    Since when is wood a fish or game anyway? Next time I'm going out to the garage to get my chainsaw to clear some wood and my wife asks what am I doing, I'm going to tell her that I'm going hunting for game!
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