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Thread: Red label on Starry Night Stingray case

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    Red label on Starry Night Stingray case

    When I got my Starry Night bass, the case had a red label saying stingray rather than the black one that my other Musicman basses have. I just saw a Sterling Starry Night on ebay where the seller mentions the red label on the case.

    A 2017 Bongo I received after the Starry Night had the regular black label.

    Got me wondering. Is the red label on the case related to being a PDN? Or are all bass cases now coming with the red label, and the Bongo case missed the cutoff for the change? Or is there something else going on with the labels?


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    I have three recent Music Mans, one of them a starry night and they all have a red tag on the case with the model name.

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    Anyone know why the change? Actually kind of cool is different now. Can make it easier to identify which bass is in the case for me. At least until I get more red label cases!

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    My Caprice case has a red label.

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    Same w my Cutlass.
    My previous Cutlass was a one off and had no label at all.

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    Most newer stock cases are going to have a red label.
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    I noticed that my 30th Anniversary Stingray 5 had a red label case too. I wasn't sure if it was a new thing or something specific too my Anniversary bass. Good to know it a new change of the label to freshen things up.

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