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Thread: What did you Name your BASS and why ?

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    Goldy. 2008 Sterling 5 HH Fretless Sequoia Gold. I also love the Goldy and Marv story from sin city.
    2011 Axis, 2008 Sterling 5 HH LE Fretless, Sterling HS Fretless, 1991 Sterling

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    Dr. Jekyll is my Stealth Pearl Stingray 4 HH and Mr. Hyde is my Stealth Black Bongo 5 HH
    EBMM Stingray 4 HH Stealth Pearl
    EBMM Bongo 5 HH Stealth Black
    SBMM SUB 4
    Oscar Schmidt Acoustic

    Ampeg B2RE
    GK NEO 4x10 and 1x15

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    I haven't ever really named instruments, but I named the one pictured below. It's a Starry Night PDN Stingray 5, so I call it "Van Gogh."
    What did you Name your BASS and why ?-stingray-2-jpg

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    My bongo is called Warhammer. Because it has been beat up so bad and continues to fight.
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    I think they have to earn a name.
    SunBlue (cause it’s sunburst under blue) (definitely my #1 keeper).
    Leighton. The first gig I played with it was a wedding in, you got it Leighton and it rhymes with LE. (My other #1 keeper)
    Herbie. (It’s a competitors brand, I refinished it in VW 1970’s Orange so it got the name Herbie (its since been refinished duck egg blue) (I say it’s a bass I wouldn’t miss but works great for long sets with function band as it’s so light, keep the StingRay’s for real business.
    And the rest are nameless

    StingRay 4H Buttercreme 2005 L.E.
    StingRay 4H Light Blue over Vintage Sunburst. 2005 ”SunBlue"


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    My Dargie 2.0 Bongo I named "The Green Hammer of God"


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    Name: Filthy McNasty

    Why: Cuz you asked :-)
    S.U.B. SL4 - SR4p FL [x2] - SR4HH FL [Moses neck]
    SL4p FL [x2] - SL4HS FL - SL4HS FL [Moses neck]
    SR5HS alnico - SR5p FL ceramic [x2] - Bongo4Hp FL

    "Too many basses is never enuf"

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    Not me, but my daughter named it Betty.

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