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Thread: White bongo discolouration

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    White bongo discolouration

    Hey all, I bought this white bongo HS with swapped black hardware from a forum member roughly 4 or 5 years ago. I bought it knowing the white would slowly cream. I love the natural cream it's turned into. However the back of the neck is doing its own thing.

    Can anyone tell me what's going on there? The blue "rash" has been spreading and I have a few other spots where the white paint has disappeared.

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    How do you store it? What strap do you use? Do you use a bag? What stand do you use?
    The first white color bongos were discontinued, because the white color of the body set apart from the neck color.
    I guess its an chemical reaction. Play it and you will reach the wood someday and all is good.
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    Stored in the case almost at all times. Strap never touches the neck. I used to use a bag but not for a long time. This effect is more recent.

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    My first guess would be acid sweat. For example, I know from talking with firearm refinishers that some people have very corrosive sweat that can rust out even the best bluing jobs in less than a day if not immediately wiped down and re-oiled. So, based solely on instinct, I'm inclined to agree with Bert that it's a chemical reaction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nhbassguitar View Post
    My first guess would be acid sweat. For example, I know from talking with firearm refinishers that some people have very corrosive sweat that can rust out even the best bluing jobs in less than a day if not immediately wiped down and re-oiled. So, based solely on instinct, I'm inclined to agree with Bert that it's a chemical reaction.
    I was thinking the same thing. When dealing with classical guitars I've heard many people extoll the virtue of washing your hands before handling your instrument to avoid damage, could be the case here as well.
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    a road worn bongo, I like it

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    When I left school in 99 my folks helped me by a fender floyd rose classic strat, it was my dream guitar at the time and I had it in vintage white. However after a few months it developed grey patches all over the back and sides of the body. At the time I was a bit annoyed about it but as it was built to order and took 6 months to receive I never sent it back. I never found out what caused it but I always put it down to a reaction with something it had come into contact with. If it doesn't affect the playability I'd play it until that finish is worn off and enjoy the hell out of it.

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    My limited edition Buttercream (off-white) suffered a simlar fate. Right about the same spot where the neck touches the neck support in the case (coincidence, maybe) the paint started turning black. It would get a little chalky feeling right there. At first, a quick scrub would remove the oddness. But it kept returning. And returning. And returning. Finally, after enough cleaning, I wore through the paint to the bare wood. :-o

    At that point, more drastic measures were called for. The neck was removed, and the paint from the nut to the bolts was gently scraped/sanded off. Once bare, the wood was coated with linseed oil and carnauba (sp?) wax. The neck feels fantastic now, bare wood and all that.
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    I owned that bass for a while.... pre black hardware.

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    Wow - White Bongo = super rare and in my experience virtually unobtanium.

    If it was mine, as well as having one of the basses and colour combinations of my dreams, I'd not worry about it and let it wear through.

    As Bert said, these white Bongos were quickly dropped, it was said (on this forum) owing to reasons of neck and body colour matching issues.

    If anyone wants to sell me one please let me know!!!
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    I've got the stealth pearl (white) Bongo 5 and it sees regular use, but I haven't seen any discoloration on mine. I'm pretty methodical about cleaning it after gigs and rehearsals. I'm not sure if that's the same color as the OP but I've had mine for a couple of years and so far, so good.
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    I have hands that unfortunately seem to want to leave sweat everywhere! I have learn to wipe down all necks/frets/hardware asap after playing...even if just quickly.

    That may be a similar reaction that has happened over time.

    I love white Bongos.

    FYI - I have a beauty of a white Ray HH which unfortunately went yellow quick quickly in random places. No doubt it will now be more even, and all over, but I don't have the bass now.

    My Ray 5 HS is a little more yellow now, being 7 years old, but to be honest, it's hard to tell as it has done it very evenly.

    I'm a little wary of white nowadays which is a shame.
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    Thanks for all the help guys. This is by far my favorite instrument so I have played it like mad for years now. I guess I will do as you all say and keep playing it. The discolouration doesn't bother me as long as it isn't an alien growing in the neck.

    For anyone who cares to know I picked it up from a for sale ad on these forums. I had seen a couple posts (probably in the archives here somewhere) of one of the forum members switching the hardware from his stealth HSp onto this HSp. Now. It had everything I wanted. White/cream, with black hardware AND HSp??? A few months or over a year later, I had a surplus of cash. First thing I did was check the for sale on these forums and sure enough, this bass had just been posted.

    That's a sign if I've ever seen one. Thanks to the previous owners!

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    Here is a bonus pic of Beauty and the Beast

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