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Thread: Classic SR 5 First Gig Impressions

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    Classic SR 5 First Gig Impressions

    Picked up a beautiful white SR5 Classic recently and gigged with it live for first time last night. My usual bass is a recent issue (non-classic) SR5 with maple board and standard 3 band EQ, and I've gotta say that the Classic had a punch and presence that no other basses I own have... it sounded fantastic thru my SWR combo. Seems like I can dial in more sizzle and thump more easily with this bass than my standard SR5. I'll need to get used to a laquered neck again, but gotta say the Classic kicked some serious booty. To my ears, there's a substantial difference between the 2 and 3 band EQ's, surprisingly. It's a killer rock bass for sure and bought me back to the tones I'd get from my old '79 'Ray, which is long dormant due to lack of that 5th string.. ;-)

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    I just got a new classic 4 string Stingray last week and took it to my gig with my non classic Ray like yourself. I had a very similar experience. While I still love my other stingrays the classic was strong like bull lol. A Classic 5 is in my future for sure.

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    I say 'Go For It'...

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    No denying it, the classic Rays do have a great powerful sound.
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