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Thread: Matchbox 20 Rocking Stingray's!

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    Matchbox 20 Rocking Stingray's!

    Got to head out and see Matchbox 20 this evening. Nice to see Brian Yale rocking two Stingrays, one was black with maple neck and one was silver with rosewood board and matching headstock. Was also impressed the rhythm guitar playing 3 Stingray guitars, a white, a natural and a sunburst. Don't remember his name but think he was the drummer of the band back in the day. Great show and solid live band. Check them out if they roll through your town. JOSH

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    Cool, thanks for posting that. I've covered a couple of songs of theirs before, that's good stuff.

    It's always good to hear of different artists using the instruments that inspire you.

    I've been listening to a lot of funk and R&B lately. I'm really digging the Stingray sounds from Bernard Edwards (Chic) and Paul Denman (Sade).
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