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Thread: Knockoff?

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    I picked up a (supposedly) American Stingray 34 at a shop. Got it home and started noticing some weird things about it. Having never owned a stingray before I didn't catch then before buying. I posted some pics up here, but the thread got deleted. I'll try explaining what I'm seeing to see if I can get some feedback.

    The guitar looks to be fairly new. The thing I didn't catch in the shop was that there was no battery compartment. The other thing I'm now noticing is that the neck plate is 4 bolt instead of six. Otherwise looks pretty authentic. No serial number, so it must be in the neck pocket. I'd prefer not to unbolt the neck, but will if neccessary.

    So four bolt neck, passive electronic on an "American" Stingray. Is this possible, or did I just get taken?




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    I don't know what a American Stingray 34 is, but this thing is no Ernie Ball, Sterling, SUB or whatever.
    Looks like a cheap chinese product that looks like a Ray at a distance of 100 feet.
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    4 bolts, headstock shaope is wrong (look by the G tuner), pickguard screws, passive??

    Go back to the store, tell them it's counterfeit and demand your money back.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Please let us know how you made out at the store.

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    Return that fake ASAP!
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    Blatantly obvious counterfeit. Too many tell-tale signs to mention, but that G string machine placement takes the cake.

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    This kind of stuff is just depressing.
    Hoping you have some easy recourse!

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