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Thread: Incoming new Bongo!

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    Incoming new Bongo!

    And I'm as giddy as a nun in a cucumber patch. It is a Guitar Center exclusive Bongo 5 HH in Barolo Purple with a Roasted Maple neck. When I get it on Saturday, I will post some pics.
    Here is the link to one on the Guitar Center website.
    Ernie Ball Music Man Bongo HH with Roasted Maple Neck 5-String Electric Bass Barolo | Guitar Center

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    You dawg you. Wow, I wouldn't be able to sleep.

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    I want that when you're tired of it. Just let me know. SOON. :-)

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    Here are some photos that they sent me tonight.
    Incoming new Bongo!-img_0404-jpg
    Incoming new Bongo!-img_0405-jpg
    Incoming new Bongo!-img_0406-jpg
    Incoming new Bongo!-img_0401-jpg
    Incoming new Bongo!-img_0402-jpg

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    Are you tired of it yet?

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    Oh no. It will definitely be added to the keeper for life club. I've really fallen in love with my Stingray 5's and ever since getting them, I have wanted to add a Bongo 5. This one is perfect! Roasted Maple neck and purple.

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    Holy Moly!! That IS a keeper. Congrats
    Buncha Rays and Bongos

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    Sparkly purple with black hardware. It doesn't get much better than that, my friend. It's gorgeous.

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    That's gorgeous.

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    It is, but I sense he's growing tired of it.

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    I've always wanted a Barolo Bongo! Congrats

    Stealth Black Bongo 6 HH - 22/03/2011
    Stealth Pearl Bongo 6 HH - 14/04/2015
    Firemist Purple Bongo 6 HH - 06/07/2017

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    Bongos are great not matter what the color. But I love purple, so that is even better!

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    Yesterday was a very long day. The Guitar Center that I go to is almost 3 hours away from my house but because there customer service is so good, I go there. They are also a Platinum Room GC. Before I made the drive, I ended up buying a new truck as well but was at the dealership a good part of the day. As soon as the papers were signed, I drove it immediately to Denver to get my bass. My wife commented to me that Christmas came a few months early for me.

    When I got to Guitar Center, due to the crazy holiday weekend, they were slammed busy. While I was waiting for them to find the box my bass shipped in, I saw a guy playing an Old Smoothie. He is mainly a guitar player and told me he had an original Stingray guitar from the 70's. He only buys American made guitars but was needing a bass for recording. He was really digging the Old Smoothie but knew nothing about it and didn't know a lot about EBMM but was really impressed with the Stingray basses. I told him about the company, the history of Old Smoothie and the many awesome things Sterling Ball and co. do for everyone. I also shared with him the story of the breast cancer awareness bass too and the kindness everyone on here and everyone at EBMM did for my family. Long story short, the guy ended up buying an Old Smoothie last night right after I bought my Bongo. He is also now looking at adding some EBMM guitars to his collection because of what he learned about the company. I also spoke with one other guy as well and he said he may have to now start adding some EBMM's to his collection as well.

    Anyway, here is my newest baby. I love Bongo's but my only dislike of them is the painted necks. I just don't like the looks of painted necks. I prefer a much more natural look and feel thus why all of my Bongo's are limited runs. This one is my first 5 string Bongo that I have owned but it will also be in my keeper for life club. Roasted Maple neck combined with Barolo or a Metallic Purple equals a stunning combination.
    Here are some pics that I took of her today.

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    For some reason, the thread wasn't letting me add my photos and kept giving me an error message so here is a link to a thread that I started on talkbass.

    New Bass Day |

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    Wow, love that purple with the roasted neck! Congrats!

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    2006 30th Anniversary Stingray
    2014 Bongo 4HSp neptune blue w/roasted maple neck
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