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Thread: Pink Sparkle!!!!

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    Pink Sparkle!!!!

    May I humbly request EBMM make this finish available to the masses. This finish makes me feel fabulously fierce just like RuPaul! OMG, I love it so much!!
    But this begs the question: How does one request such an awesome custom finish? Is their proper protocol for making such a request?
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    That looks like something from the late 90s and may have belonged to - or does belong to - Dave, aka MusicManNut.

    Sparkle does return from time to time in surprising ways (the Emerald Green Sparkle was AWESOME, about a year or two ago) but isn't a common finish now.

    If you're an artist with EBMM, you can probably get a pink sparkle....otherwise, buy that one.

    They are cool, and I personally love them, but they weren't big sellers, thus the end of regular sparkle.


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    Thanks for the info!
    Much appreciated.

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    I'll second the motion for a pink special color!

    I've always loved pastels - I put in a special order for a Powder Blue Stingray 4HH SLO Special a couple of months ago.

    A pastel pink would be an immediate, additional new bass order.

    Sparkle Pink would be tempting, too.

    I do like that MusicMan has offered so many different special colors over the years. Not all have appeal for everyone, but some of them (like the Powder Blue for me) have been bullseyes for sure.
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    Anyway to confirm if this is legit? Definitely tempting....

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_eigensheep View Post
    Anyway to confirm if this is legit? Definitely tempting....
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    Found another specimen via this old reverb listing. Seller alleges it was from the 2002 NAMM show and that it was a finish that never made it into production.

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    that is so sick!
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