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Thread: Headphones or low volume playing advice wanted

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    Headphones or low volume playing advice wanted

    I look over at the SR 5 I picked up earlier this year and think about playing just to remember "she's asleep" (of my girlfriend in bed) and before long I realize I haven't played in months.

    I've been anti-headphone forever, because I've never felt right if I couldn't feel it, but I'm accepting that if I don't adjust I'll never play. So this is where all of you come in. I'm can't be the first one to discover "this isn't working" and I don't want to reinvent the wheel, please let me know what you've tried, what is working or what doesn't.

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    I like using one of these

    Ampeg: Pedals - SCR-DI

    Sounds great through headphones and great to have for playing out

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    Divorce worked waaaay OK for me !
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    I hear you, amped bass does sound, and feel, better. However, it is rarely practical, especially when living in close proximity with others.

    I find using a Digital Audio Interface works great.

    With something like this I run my bass through the line-out of my amp, or inject the bass directly into, my DAI which is also hooked up to my computer via USB. Not only does this serve as an excellent headphone amp, but also allows you to play MP3's on the computer and let you mix your bass signal in and play along. Further, it is a fantastic way to do basic home recording as well.

    PS - use really good headphones. You will get what you pay for.
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    A more expensive option (maybe), is go to a high end modeler or profiler (Axe FX, Helix, Ax8, Kemper). It would solve your headphone need, but may well solve a lot of roles for you.

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    I have a difficult time being comfortable playing thru headphones as well, even though sometimes it's the only answer.
    However, if this works as well as the guitar version (which I suspect it does...), I'd highly recommend one of these:

    Blackstar FLY3Bass - 3W 1x3" Bass Combo Amp | Sweetwater

    The guitar version is just awesome!
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look through them more closely.

    I could have added more context in the original post. I do have an acoustic bass, but even that is enough to disturb the animals and by default my girlfriend.

    I could have also indicated that I'm very happy with the relationship, hence not disturbing her. But, I don't see the sound problem going away anytime soon.

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    I recall a quote from years ago that said something about "if you play the bass right (?) You can put babies to sleep..." *now I'll have to look it up....

    Perhaps you just need to play a certain style when the rest are sleeping?
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    Minor update.

    I played some today, and noticed I have some headphone jacks on existing equipment. I bought a
    ZOOM BFX-708 BASS EFFECTS pedal because I was curious about the built in drum machine, and it was cheap. Never thought to check for a headphone jack.

    What I discovered, however, was that my Sennheiser's headphone cord was also someone's chew toy, so I'll send some time with a soldering iron tomorrow.

    The Ampeg unit looks to be on the money, there is a GK Plex that I saw while doing reviews, looked pricy, I was curious if anyone was using that yet...

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    The perfect tool for that was the Tascam GT-R1. But I think they no longer build these. Best spent "bass money" ever...

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    I use a Phil Jones Big Head together with the Phil Jones headphones. Expensive but it's a great setup, and as I use for for a couple of hours most days I feel the cost is justified.

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