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Thread: Possible humbucker issue

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    Possible humbucker issue


    I changed the battery in the Stingray and all is well. Very simple fix. lol


    I need some help. I recently purchased a used EBMM Stingray SLO Special. I tested the bass to make sure it worked. I cleaned up the ray and put a new set D'Addario nickel strings. I tested the bass by playing it along with some tunes I like to play for practicing etc. I noticed that the E string is not as loud as the A and D strings. The G is not as pronounced either. The strings are leveled evenly above the humbucker.

    I tried using a different set of strings that I had available and that didn't help. I changed out the E string with a different E string and the pickup did not produce the same level of output as the A, D, and G strings.

    Another reason why I'm in question about the pickup being faulty is that I had a 5 string Stingray at the beginning of the year and the E string was great no problems. I suspect there is an issue with the humbucker.

    The D'Addario strings may not be proper for the Stingray I'm open to some suggestions. I was going to buy a set of DR Lo Riders to see if it will sound better. I have changed the battery yet, but I don't think that is the problem.

    What do you all think? Does Ernie Ball provide repair services? Any helpful suggestions welcomed.

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    Email Customer Service for advice:

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    EBMM Stingray Humbucker issue

    Quote Originally Posted by Rod Trussbroken View Post
    Email Customer Service for advice:
    Thanks for the information.

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    I was going to send in the Stingray to Ernie Ball to get it checked out, but since I changed the battery and the type of bass strings the issue no longer an issue.

    It's apparent that the type of strings I was using was not working sonically. I changed the bass strings from the D'Addario's to DR Low Rider strings and what a difference it made in tone.

    End result of this is that I needed to spend more time with the Stingray.

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    and don't forget to unplug when you're not playing. that saves battery life
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