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Thread: No output... (Bongo 6)

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    No output... (Bongo 6)

    No output... (Bongo 6)-basscav1-jpgNo output... (Bongo 6)-basscav2-jpgDear people,

    I'm new to the forums and came on with a question in regards to my Bongo 6 I got a bit over two years ago. While I love muc about this instrument, I have found that the output jack seems to loosen up every so often, necessitating opening up the back and tightening up the jack.

    I recently lost output from the bass to the amp, and while multiple cords worked (removed from bass, touched finger to cord and got output) I did try a new set of batteries just in case. Needless to say, I'm not getting output from the bass. I took a couple of pictures outside in the sunlight in hopes someone might spot a wire loose for me here.

    I do beleive I may have found something, but ask for assistance prior to taking it to a repair shop. If you'll notice in the pictures, there is a silver wire headed away from the output jack coming off of the silver "spoon" towards on the right hand side of the pics. The wire which is NOT connected to anything leaves the "spoon" and heads off to the left, while the other silver wire from the "spoon" heads into a small hole to the right which I am guessing is the ground.

    Prior to taking it to someone I hoped to get an answer from one of you all.

    Thanks in advance for any help that can be given,

    Chris in Albuquerque

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    Looks like you have broken the wiring. Probably happened while tightening the jack.

    Speak to Customer Service about it. It may be a different problem altogether:

    They may also assist you with a wiring diagram that could help the person you take it to.
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