Hi all,

I think this is my first post...

I just had my Sterling serviced and the tech queried whether it had been resprayed. I looked at the cavity and saw only what I would describe as the usual bleed or overspray from a spray gun.

I will post some pictures if I can figure out the imgur or whatever. Resprays do not bother me as my 93 PRS was refinished by the previous owner, I bought the PRS knowingly.

I guess the other point is to query the serial number to confirm the original colour.

The prior owner had replaced the pickup with a Delano which I did not like. Preference to find a original pick up was unsuccessful so chose a Nordstrand MM4.3 (apologies for sacrilege). Also some comments re ceramic and alnico pickups

I have a USA SUB 4 and 5 as well (and a Luke). I have chosen to sell the SUB 5 to a college student and purchase a Stingray 4/5 or Sterling 5.

Anyway give me opinions, feedback on the current Sterling and recommendations for future EBMM's.