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Thread: OLP truss wheel issue. Need some help please.

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    OLP truss wheel issue. Need some help please.

    I know this is not a real EBMM but the issue can still apply. Ok, so this is weird. I removed the neck from my OLP to lube the truss wheel as it was hard to turn. Mind you it was butted up against the heel. I removed it, lubed it with vaseline and then tried to screw it back on. But now it does not screw in all the way. It sticks out significantly.

    Any idea what could be going on here?

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    Vaseline? That's a new one. I have no idea what advice to give you at this point.

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    Given the sloppy build of OLP clones,
    I suspect that when you fully slacked
    the truss rod the hidden anchor at
    the far end shifted. Remove the neck,
    slack the truss again, and whack the
    headstock on a drum practice pad
    while pushing the rod inward.

    If that works, you're welcome. If not,
    if you've already enjoyed a year of
    playing it, you've got your money's
    worth .... still not denying that it'd
    be better to get longer use out of it :-(

    BTW, to prevent having to relube the
    wheel and risk deja vu all over again,
    use real grease. Vaseline is worthless.
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    Yes, I understand now that vaseline is not a good idea. Thanks for the pointer. I will try hitting the headstock and shifting the rod as suggested. I hope it's that easy. Thanks

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    I tried your suggestion. Instead, I wacked the headstock on a carpeted floor as I don't have a drum pad. And, wouldn't you know it, the truss rod moved back. I can now butt the wheel against the heel of the neck. However, when I go to tighten the wheel to remove some relief and then loosen the wheel; It seems the rod has moved forward again. I go to tighten the wheel once again and it no longer butts up against the heel. It sticks out again.

    So does this mean that I have an anchor issue with the truss rod? Would the fretboard have to be removed in order to fix it?

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