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Thread: Waitning for that truck

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    Chuck I am just glad that you got it and it went to someone who can appreciate how great that bass is. I have too many basses and I never play any of them enough but every time I played that bass I was like "Dayum" this is a beast. I actually had band members and folks in the audience tell me how great it sounded too.

    I love it and I have another almost like it on order. Got a Natural/Maple SR5 coming by the end of the year I think. And as much as I love the new ones... I really love the old ceramic pup SR5's even more. So my eye is on the lookout for a minty late 90's early 2000's SR5 too.

    BTW... the Sterling is LOVELY. I was gonna bring the Caprice and Old Smoothie to my Saturday gig but one of them might need to stay home until my Sunday gig so I can play the Sterling.

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    Of course it is a good bass. I think somebody named Sterling had something to do with it.

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    Just home from rehearsal with a very interesting band I am working with. Many original tunes and lots of challenging reading and playing.

    I used the SR5 part of the night and played it through my Aguilar AG700 into one Aguilar GS112. Goodness folks, this is one killer bass. Playability is wonderful and the tone is just fantastic. This Stingray sounds huge but sits just right in the mix. This bass is one that really brings out the best in a bassist.

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    It’s cool when someone hears and feels what you do. Done folks would just view that as just another bass but a players player knows how to spot the exceptional ones. When your lead singer looks at you in the middle of a set and says “damn that bass sounds good”. You got something good.

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