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Thread: Back again (NBDx2)

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    Back again (NBDx2)

    I’ve been out of the EBMM world for a while, although I’ve still been lurking and enjoying all the new stuff floating around. I actually have to blame Scott and Jack for jumpstarting my obsession all over again.

    After some wheeling and dealin over the last few weeks, I somehow ended up with two very cool EBMM basses that will hopefully stick around for the long haul.

    The first has a bit of a story attached to it (please bear with me). Years ago during the dudepit era, I ordered my dream Stingray 4 - trans orange, maple Board, and 2 band EQ. This was a couple weeks before the first dargor Delights were announced. When that happened I decided that I *had* to have one, and switched my order to a Dargie 2 band ‘Ray without the matching headstock (one of the few without it). As circumstances happened, I ran into a financial crunch and had to sell my deposit o the Dargie, meaning I missed out on not only my dream bass, but a bass that I’ve been keeping my eye out for in the years since. So imagine my surprise when a trans orange Stingray with the 2 band EQ showed up online a week or two back! Sure, it had some very unusual finish cracking (looks like the bass oiled from the inside out), but it made up for it with an amazing Birdseye neck, even if it didn’t have the maple Board. So I bought it, and it landed yesterday afternoon. At some point I’m going to swap the pickguard out for a black one and reach out to customer support to see what, if anything can be done about the finish, but it does not spoil my enjoyment in the least. It’s everyhjng I remember in my favorite Rays from years past - thinly, punchy and clear up the neck.

    Bass #2 came my way via a local trade - was able to turn a non-USA passive bass into a Sterling (believe its medallion gold with a crazy-at-least-for-me yellow pearl pickguard. This one is light and punchy, with some subtle flaming of the neck. Weight is pretty good too, although I haven’t weighed either bass yet. Totally different flavor from the Stingray, but they both taste great. It’s easy to overlook the Sterling with the very cool newer basses EBMM has out our, but it’s just a killer instrument - great sound, and maybe the most comfortable neck on earth.

    Of course there need to be pics - here you go...

    At some point I’ll figure out how to fix the one that showing up sideways.

    Back again (NBDx2)-3120aa4e-1fb1-4b4b-b4b5-7288f971b5c6-jpgBack again (NBDx2)-b28fd089-7f57-48ec-970b-4c05f7121e1c-jpgBack again (NBDx2)-09fd8b80-3a34-40f0-88f8-779f96135658-jpg

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    " I actually have to blame Scott and Jack for jumpstarting my obsession all over again."

    You'll never know how proud that makes me. I'm sure Scott feels the same.

    That is in fact medallion gold and a nice example to boot. And there's a soft spot in my heart for any orange Stingray. Nice score and chalk the finish issues up to mojo.


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    Congrats Tom. I too love the trans Orange and Sterlings. Now you need to find a Black SR5 to trade me.

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    How about a picture of the flames you mentioned, thanks!

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    Welcome back to the forum family.

    Very nice basses. I really like the Sterling.

    2018 Axis - BFR - Buckeye Burl
    2017 Morse - BFR - Dark Lord - Tahitian Blue
    2017 StingRay 5 - 30th Anniversary - Buttercream
    2013 Albert Lee - BFR - Pinkburst
    2013 Luke III - PDN - emerald green sparkle with an all rosewood neck
    2012 Morse - BFR - Dark Lord
    2012 Axis - PDN - Honeyburst
    2011 Axis - BFR - Black Sugar Roasted
    2009 Axis - Pink Quilt (Oinky)
    2006 StingRay - 30th Anniversary fretless
    1996 StingRay - 20th Anniversary

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    Thanks everybody!

    The finish issues are some pretty serious mojo Jack, but not in a bad way, at least not as bad as the white pickguard. My spelling was atrocious in my OP - it looks like the bass was *boiling* from the inside out. No biggie though - it plays great and sounds monstrous.

    Scott - if I find a black SR5 (or any SR5 at this point), there’s a good chance it won’t leave. I still remember that black/rosewood monster we swapped all those years ago. It was actually my first 5 string.

    Couldn’t get the flame to show up well in any pics, but you can’t miss the Birdseye on the ‘Ray. I attached pics of both regardless, including a better show of the faultline style crack on the Ray. Say what you want, she’s got personality.

    Nice to be back. Hoping I’ll be able to expand the collection before too long.

    Back again (NBDx2)-543537ae-5558-4a31-9135-c125931d080d-jpgfaultlines

    Back again (NBDx2)-512a5ac4-06ff-4103-9e78-13dab0ce9a3b-jpgheres the not subtle Birdseye on the ray

    Back again (NBDx2)-8540a681-f13a-407e-ac3a-f593d75d0661-jpghere’s the very subtle flame on the Sterling

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