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Thread: My mint 2008 SR Finish is bubbling up

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    My 2008 Black Stingray has almost the same thing happening, same place as the OP. I've been expecting it to flake off any day now for the past 6 months. It's a bass gets played out a lot, shipped a lot, in and out of the truck and so on. Given a choice I'd rather that the paint stayed good, but as long as it plays great and sounds great, I'm not touching a thing - if it flakes off it flakes off.

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    Nice thing about an opaque gloosy black
    is the easiness of touching up the finish
    with black nail polish.
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    Got my replacement body back today and just installed the neck and set it up. Nice job! They even adjusted my PU the way I had it and installed the new style battery box (since that's how the new bodies are routed). I was really concerned when EB said they would work with me that I couldn't get the same Black Cherry finish since I didn't see it listed. But they said I could still get it, so I was really happy. Put the Cobalts back on and a little adjustment on the neck and it was ready to go. In the end I was happy to pay what I did to get it back in perfect shape and am happy EB worked with me on the initial price to something very reasonable. Good EB experience!
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