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Thread: I'm safe....for now

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    I'm safe....for now

    Many of us here "suffer" from G.A.S. I am trying to be good but it has been a long time since my collection of electric basses was less than 10.

    Seems like there is always something in my collection from the folks at Ernie Ball. I recently got an amazing SR5 from Armybass and it is simply a killer bass.

    So I start hanging out here....reading know how it goes...and now....I really want a certain Bongo 6 string..but have resisted so far. Then there is the Caprice, capisce?

    I can resist the impulse to own a Caprice...because it is not (yet) available in a 5 string. I gotta have that B string, you know? Yes, the Bongo still calls....and when it does I just get out my credit card statements and tell myself that I should be good.

    Of course, Jack is no help at all. He has been trying to get me to jump on the Bongo wagon since they were introduced.

    My daughter is a clinical Psychologist. Perhaps I should call her.

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    No, no, don't call her, whatever you do, don't do that.

    I'm glad you're at least thinking about a Bongo. Seems like a long time ago that we stood in a biker bar, wondering what sort of bass a Bongo really was. I have photos somewhere of you looking at it like, "This may be a bass, but it's not a bass like anything I've ever seen before." And I was saying, "I KNOW, I KNOW!"

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    One thing I never had doubts about was the tone. It lives in the same neighborhood as the much coveted Wal basses but at a price that is reasonable. The has taken a lot of years for me to adjust to the look. Who knows, I may sell some $%&(# basses and get that Bongo. It is black, you know?

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    No one is safe Chucky baby..... ain't nobody safe from EBMM GAS. Just when I thought I was out..... they sucked me back in. And now that I am friends with my "pusher" (EBMM dealer).... and he even PM's me when I am work, letting me know what he has coming in.... lol.....

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    Well, the black Bongo 6 I was watching on Reverb sold but I see a store here in San Antonio has a silver one advertised on Reverb. I'll go check it out....just understand?

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    I'm safe because Old Smoothie has those vintage frets. Otherwise, I'd be in trouble.
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    "You can't multiply wealth by dividing it."

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    I went to the local store that has a Bongo 6 in stock and played it. It plays great and sounds???? I guess I should have carried my head and cabs over there because they had nothing in stock that is anything like the Aguilar stuff I use.

    That bass has been in the store for over a year and looks like it. It has a few blems and the strings are the originals. The B was very blurry sounding. Might be the strings. In any case, an expensive instrument should at least be maintained in nice condition and with reasonably fresh strings if they want to sell it.

    I will try to find another to play.

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