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Thread: The universe unfolds as it should (early Stingray 5 content)

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    The universe unfolds as it should (early Stingray 5 content)

    So a couple weeks ago I picked up two very nice Music Man Basses - a Stingray 4 2-banded and a cool medallion gold Sterling. The Stingray ended up being cool but not cool - yes it was a 2 band and trans orange, but shortly after I posted my NBD thread I found out that the 2 band was an aftermarket mod, and the bass still had the side of body hole for eve jack. Argh! Still have to decide what to do about that one - bass still sounds great though so I’ll probably wait to find a OEM 3 band setup and swap it back in at some point.

    The Sterling was a lot of fun, but I kept having this nagging “I want a 5 String in the house” feeling. Then seemingly out of nowhere a very early Stingray 5 appeared. Extremely low serial (2 digit), looked like it had been taken care of but *played*. Looking it up in the serial thread it came back with a completion date in July 1988, which makes it a very early example in the first few months of production. Seller was looking for a 4 banger, and I decided to take a shot. Long story short we worked out a deal and the Stingray came home with me. One of my longest serving and favorite basses was an early 2000’s Stingray 5 with the ceramic pickup. Wasn’t sure what to expect of this one but i am definitely a fan or the original alnico pickup and pre amp voicing. The bass has some real wear, including a chunk of the back that apparently was grafted on after a particularly nasty fall. According to the guy I got it from, he had bought it from the second owner, with the original owner being a touring bassist in a country band. Wondering if it’s that players initials (HB) that were carved by the bridge?

    So I’m a very happy camper. My world feels much more balanced with a Stingray 5 back in the house, and it’s just a killer bass that I’m thinking the honeymoon is going to linger for a while.

    Enough talk - I know pics are the reason you’re here...
    The universe unfolds as it should (early Stingray 5 content)-d88d4f5d-2ad5-4ebb-b739-6087f3915dcf-jpgThe universe unfolds as it should (early Stingray 5 content)-bdfb44de-d1d7-4e7f-93c1-71f8491ce634-jpgThe universe unfolds as it should (early Stingray 5 content)-ec8fa5e7-753a-41d6-b3d9-995d229225c9-jpgThe universe unfolds as it should (early Stingray 5 content)-dd55e998-67a7-4f81-a39d-bbfe9feedf34-jpgThe universe unfolds as it should (early Stingray 5 content)-9e3d4364-48ee-4649-aa21-1166b4dbf668-jpg
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    More pics...

    The universe unfolds as it should (early Stingray 5 content)-bbaa8e58-19e2-4990-beb5-ac6a9459bbed-jpgThe universe unfolds as it should (early Stingray 5 content)-efbb70f7-2397-4018-b988-d6fe12f9bbaf-jpgThe universe unfolds as it should (early Stingray 5 content)-7554b5a5-7fc0-4ce1-9a38-5e96e391d0d1-jpgThe universe unfolds as it should (early Stingray 5 content)-f860324b-7a23-46b0-ad4a-4b8b16bbad9a-jpgThe universe unfolds as it should (early Stingray 5 content)-ce46c289-88f2-41f3-97e9-cbbda33574bb-jpg

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    Congrats! I love the wood grain.

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    Wow. Never saw a lower serialnumber.
    6 bolts was introduced with the SR5, no logo plate, everything is perfect.
    My sabre got a similar hit at the backside back then.
    1979 StingRay natural maple

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    Killer SR5, owned a red one from the same year. Loved the neck and the tone. Should of kept it, hang onto yours!

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    Nice one! I would have snagged that, too.

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    Man... not generally a fan of natural but that is a beaut. Nicely snagged.
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    Great bass, nicely done. I miss my 88 SR5 too...
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    Thanks everybody! I have a history of not holding onto things for long, but as I’ve gotten older and my situation has stabilized, I’ve been able to hold onto a few basses, even as I try other ones out. This one bonded instantly, and is definitely a keeper. Love the age/history, love the tone, love the neck and the way it feels, and I really dig the look. This seems like the kind of bass that has lived long enough to have some awesome stories to tell.

    Let me put it this way - if any of you see my trying to sell it, either smack me upside the figurative head or buy it! No, to plot my path to a Big Al (or maybe a bongo)...

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    Very nice!!!

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    My dream bass.....

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    Very nice! Loving the early ones... This one looks like it's been played a lot, surely a good sign! What's the weight?
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    Quote Originally Posted by armybass View Post
    My dream bass.....
    Scott - you can have dibs if I ever lose my mind. This one is as good as any of the great basses you and I have swapped over the years.

    Quote Originally Posted by liverbird View Post
    Very nice! Loving the early ones... This one looks like it's been played a lot, surely a good sign! What's the weight?
    Not a lightweight at 10.5 lbs, but manageable since the balance is pretty spot on, especially with a wide strap.

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