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Thread: How do I identify pickup type

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    How do I identify pickup type

    I purchased this bass used from an individual. According to the specs online, this bass could be using one of three type of pickups. The standard setup with Music Man humbucking with Alnico pole pieces; or optionally Dual Humbucking with Alnico pole pieces or Humbucking/Single coil with Alnico pole pieces. How can I determine which pickups are installed?

    The bass is a StingRay5 HH, S/N E91821.



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    Hmm, sounds like you haven't even seen a pic of this bass, then. Hope you're getting a good deal!

    Post in the Serial Number Database thread, Music Man Serial Number Database, and they'll tell you exactly what configuration that instrument was made with.
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    HH means Dual Humbucking

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