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Thread: My Stingray HH is making weird noises!

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    My Stingray HH is making weird noises!


    As the title says, Im having a little trouble with my SR4. When I connect my bass to my amp, I get the weirdest noises. This is recurring, as it happened before and I thought it was just the battery, since it went away after I swapped it. This was about 2 weeks ago, and now, 1 week after I changed batteries, it is happening again. Im taking the bass to a guy who is an electronics wiz here in town in the hopes he can figure out whats wrong. Needless to say, Im a little afraid that my pre-amp might have gone bad and I eventually need a replacement.

    Any ideas what might be causing this? Anybody ever experienced anything similar? The noise that comes out starts with the sound that comes out of the bass, the signal if you will, just being distorted, like if I had a distortion pedal on, but after a few minutes, it will start screeching and making really weird and loud noises.

    In the eventuality of the pre-amp being busted, is it possible to get a replacement directly from Music-Man? I live in Brazil, how would that work out?

    Sorry for the long post, but I really need to answer these questions and Im really afraid for my bass


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    The contact info for customer service is here:

    Contact | Ernie Ball Music Man

    People can guess about what might be happening with your instrument but that's what it will be - guessing. Once you get it analyzed and know what you need, contact the company and they can help you get it fixed.

    Good luck!


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    What kind of noises is it making? I would definitely contact customer service before having anyone else look at it. They know the electronics better than anyone. Could just be a dirty contact.
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