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Thread: Is my MM Stingray 1976 legit or fake?

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    Golem, 1500 is what he posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by five7 View Post
    golem, 1500 is what he posted.

    " sek = 1 500 usd. "

    OK. Now I see it. I read the " 500 usd" and
    fully understood that, but the "sek = 1" did
    not register properly with me ... just looked
    kinda cryptic and not related. But since you
    point it out, I re-read it and now see how it
    all fits together. My "duh"

    Yeah ... for 500 usd, I buy 3 or 4 of those !
    S.U.B. SL4 - SR4p FL [x3] - SR4HH FL [Moses neck]
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