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Thread: New purchase 1988 Stingray 5

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    New purchase 1988 Stingray 5

    Hi all. I wanted to share share my new bass purchase with the Ernie Ball community. This is my 1988 SR 5. It appears that this bass has a very early serial number and was built before the SR 5 started shipping to stores. According to the guy I bought it from it has some unique features.

    The color seems to be a custom order. To my eye it seems to be between a coral and Dakota red.
    The knobs are painted white.
    The neck finish is more of a thin oil and wax finish.
    The pickup has a phantom coil.

    According to the seller, he contacted EBMM and they told him that the bass was shipped to the Artist Relations Department and that the artist could have requested these features.

    That is definitely intriguing. I would love to see if I can get more information about this bass.

    I was looking for an early SR 5 and this seems to be a great example. I may have paid a little too much for it, but I have had a blast with it so far. It is a really powerful bass. The B string is one of the best I have ever heard, very tight and articulate. I'm still working on setting it up to my taste but it's a great playing bass.

    Anyway, I figured this would be the place to share it. I'll try to post some pics here.
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    Saw that one at another forum too.

    Ask with the serialnumber to get more information:
    Music Man Serial Number Database

    Looks real good.
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    The Phantom Coil is something that came and went with the SR5H, just like how the pickups changed from Alnico, to Ceramic, back to Alnico.
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    You've got the selector switch set just right.

    Beautiful example of an early SR5.

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    One of the first SR5. Very nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by bovinehost View Post
    You've got the selector switch set just right.

    Beautiful example of an early SR5.
    Yeah, I'm a fan of the humbucker too. I have to admit though that the front coil sounds pretty massive.

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