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Thread: Sterling sound fades to lame

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    Sterling sound fades to lame

    Just acquired 2001 Sterling 4H. Plug it in and all is fine for about 10-15 seconds then the sound fades a bit and becomes anemic. Unplug for a while, try again, same result. All controls operate normally but it sounds compressed with no balls and a bit less gain than normal. Battery replaced, pots, switch and jack connections cleaned. Visual inspection reveals nothing out of the ordinary. Tested with multiple amps and cables.

    Any ideas before I start shotgunning components? Is there a component layout available for the PCB or is that super-secret EBMM stuff?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Your best bet is to try Customer Services, as they'll have more information than anyone here and you could end up being given information that will be counter-productive.
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    Yeah, definitely customer service. Could be a bad cap or something.
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