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Thread: Serial number dating Ernie Ball Musicman.

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    Serial number dating Ernie Ball Musicman.

    Does anyone know what the production date is on an EB Musicman Classic Sabre #B054953?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heave1 View Post
    Does anyone know what the production date is on an EB Musicman Classic Sabre #B054953?
    Just ask here:
    Music Man Serial Number Database

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    It's not in that Ernie Ball database. That database only goes to E74830 (2010). I have to assume that E97403 was produced after April of 2010.

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    Okay, just ask here:
    Music Man Serial Number Database

    Go to the last page, at the moment: Page: 876 and ask direct here in the Ernie Ball Forum.

    Here is the Link from the last Page:
    Music Man Serial Number Database

    Wait a day or two and the manufacturer will answer.
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    Can you distinguish the original EBMM Classic Sabre Basses from the reissues by the type of nut? The reissues all have the compensated nuts and the original issues do not.
    Is this correct?

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    My Classic Sabre has the compensated nut - I believe they all do. The original ones don't as they were discontinued in the late 80s/early 90s whereas the compensated nut started in the mid/later 2000s on basses. The original Sabre would be in colours offered during its production era. The Classic Sabre was offered initially in the Sledge colour, then in the standard Classic series colours whilst it was in production and also in the PDN colours and specs which were offered whilst it was in production - mine is one of these and there are others around, for instance in the red sparkle and green sparkle offered a few years ago. I would doubt any original Sabres have the six bolt neck attachment and truss rod adjustment wheel - if there are any they would be the last original Sabres produced.

    Have you tried the serial number thread? The other alternative is to email Customer Services and ask them. You could also post a picture here - we all like pics of MM basses!!
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    6 Bolts and Trussrod wheel "Version 2" Sabres do exist - but as you describe - really rare and soon after discontinued.

    Serial number dating Ernie Ball Musicman.-p1ank9u7mnel31cr81ofk1u0618qr8-jpg
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    Mm stingray ser# b053495

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