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Thread: Neck Through vs. Bolt On

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    Neck Through vs. Bolt On

    Just curious - I don't see any threads on the neck through basses. Has anybody A/B'd a neck through and a bolt on Stingray 4 or 5? I wonder how they're selling compared to the bolt on? I thought bolt on was way more popular. One example I can think of - Tobias used to make only neck through back in the early days and now he's only making bolt on. I know - off topic (not EBMM), but the only example I can think of.
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    Depends on the player. The electronics on the neck-through Stingray are not identical to the bolt on models, so making a direct comparison isn't exactly possible. The two designs each have their pros and cons. I have always found that neck through basses and guitars have a lot more core to the sound, and less overtones.
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    Neck through basses are something I’ve always avoided, not my style. I’m only guessing but a through neck StingRay with altered pre, etc would just visually look like a Stingray and that’s about it.
    Like I said just an optimistic guess on my part

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    I own one (non-EBMM) neck-through bass. There is certainly something very "cool" and almost "fancy" feeling about them. I do agree that in that bass' case, and from what I can gather from a handful of videos of the neck-through Stingray, there is a little more deep, core, fundamental frequency to the sound and a little less sizzle, harmonic frequencies to the sound. I haven't found a video directly comparing the bolt-on and neck-through Stingray, but if you watch the Joe Dart videos for both back to back and I think you can hear the tonal difference. I'd love to get the chance to try one of the neck-through Stingrays, I think I'd really like them.
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