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Thread: NBD: Transparent Orange Sterling Fretless w/ Piezo

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    NBD: Transparent Orange Sterling Fretless w/ Piezo

    I've been told this combination of color with the piezo is fairly rare. I'm loving it. Strung with TI's.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails NBD: Transparent Orange Sterling Fretless w/ Piezo-20180118_202443-jpg   NBD: Transparent Orange Sterling Fretless w/ Piezo-20180118_202437-jpg   NBD: Transparent Orange Sterling Fretless w/ Piezo-20180118_202430-jpg   NBD: Transparent Orange Sterling Fretless w/ Piezo-20180118_202405-jpg  

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    Very nice! Congratulations on the new one.
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    Love Trans Orange Congrats !
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    yep, stunner is right!
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    From what I've seen, just about ANY color with a piezo is rare. Definitely keep it if you like it!
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    Very nice, keeper for sure

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    Congrats, nice find! I had eyed that one (or one like it) online, and thought it looked great, but it's missing a string so not for me. :-)
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