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Thread: Urgent ID needed. Genuine or fake

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    Urgent ID needed. Genuine or fake

    Hello, can anyone please help with this bass at an auction I am going to tomorrow morning. I would like to know if it is genuine or a fake. It has been miscatalogued and has a low estimate
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Urgent ID needed. Genuine or fake-screenshot_20180127-144312-jpg   Urgent ID needed. Genuine or fake-screenshot_20180127-144251-jpg   Urgent ID needed. Genuine or fake-screenshot_20180127-144256-jpg   Urgent ID needed. Genuine or fake-screenshot_20180127-144129-jpg   Urgent ID needed. Genuine or fake-screenshot_20180127-144210-jpg  

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    Definite fake. No "Music Man" stamped on bridge. Wrong number of screws on pickguard, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndBassGuitar View Post
    Definite fake. No "Music Man" stamped on bridge. Wrong number of screws on pickguard, etc.
    Hello and thanks for your reply. I was hoping that someone would pick up on the number of pickguard screws. I didn't want to influence anyone by highlighting this. I also could see that there didn't appear to be a music man logo on neck but thought this might be due to photo quality. I was also concerned about the bridge dimensions and position. Also the fretboard looked too thick at the point where it joins the body and lastly the truss rod adjuster looked really rough. Do you agree on these points. We had already decided to pass on it but earlier considered that we would bid up to £800. The auctioneer may be innocent but he has listed it as an OLP Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray with an estimate of £300. Initially we thought that the mis catalogue was accidental but now im not so sure. Where would he get OLP from. That may have been to induce a feeling that the buyer was bidding on a sleeper so to speak

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    100% Fake.
    1979 StingRay natural maple

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    Catalogue says it’s an OLP Stingray, and that’s what it looks like to me.

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    olp worth a couple hundred maybe

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    Well I won't be bidding on it now. Does anyone think that it is odd that it has the Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray decal and not the OPL decal on the headstock

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    Ask for a picture of the back of the peghead, they could of put a decal on the front.

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    Its too late now, the auction is tomorrow and I have decided not to go. Surely the OLP logo would be on the front and there wouldn't be an ernie ball music man stingray on it at all. I am now of the opinion that it is an OLP that has had its decal removed and a bogus decal added or even a copy with fake decals. The auction house, which may be innocent, has a flea market under the same roof where there are many traders, some of which seem to specialise in guitars and drumkits etc. Initially this was part of the appeal for me as I felt that surely one of these dealers would voice any concerns to the auctioneers. When I said it had been mis catalogued I of course meant that this was probably an oversight by the auctioneer rather than an attempt to decieve. Thanks to you all for your help so far and if anyone has any further comments I welcome them

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    4 bolts or 6 on the neck joint

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    The thing I see from 10 miles out is
    the front jack. IIRC, real 20th anniv
    SR4s have the 3-band EQ.

    I have a good friend who is literally
    addicted to auctions ... not for music
    stuff but just ... EVERYTHING. Every
    now and then he tries to show me a
    picture of a stringed ax in an online
    auction listing. I just flat out tell him
    to pass, and refuse to even look at
    the pictures. Between the fakes and
    the hidden damage that abound with
    auction items, I don't even need to
    look at the pictures. One size fits all !

    The day anyone buys a REAL '57 Les
    Paul Gold Top for $500 at auction is
    day before Earth rams into the moon.
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    Fake !!

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