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Thread: Attack of the Sparkly Green Bongo

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    Attack of the Sparkly Green Bongo

    Attack of the Sparkly Green Bongo-theranch004-jpg

    Played "The Ranch" in Texas and that mic stand just collapsed in the middle of something raucous. Our fearless leader dropped to his knees and finished the song just like you see him here.

    Oh, and that's my sparkly green Bongo 5H, which simply kills every time I pick it up.


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    I still giggle when I read "Intestinal Poltergeist".

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    You can't make up some of the things that happen on gigs

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    yes jackie
    Two requests, please
    Please contact customer service prior to posting instrument issues
    Please don't PM me

    Please dont add me as a friend on facebook....my life is an open book here as it is.

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