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Thread: You Ever Ask Yourself.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmbassplayer View Post
    I think Jeremy may be in the market for a PDN Single hum Bongo!
    I wish. Neither of my kids care even a little bit about playing bass (or anything else).

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    Quote Originally Posted by bovinehost View Post
    I wish. Neither of my kids care even a little bit about playing bass (or anything else).
    Hi, I'm Jeremy. I'm borrowing Josh's PDN Single H Bongo at the moment... and it's tempting, but I shouldn't.

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    I have two (only one was in that original picture).
    DD1 5H Bongo
    DD1 5h SR

    As much as I like the look of the new Chargin Green, I'll probably have to wait until someone is selling one used in 3 years before I get another, which is reasonable because I'm not playing much and the Bongo is best sounding bass I've ever held.

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    The Bongo 5H (rip) is an awesome beast.

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    That's impressive. I currently own 4, and had 3 others that are no longer with me.

    1998 Sterling 4H honeyburst lined fretless
    2006 30th Anniversary Stingray
    2014 Bongo 4HSp neptune blue w/roasted maple neck
    2014 Big Al 4SSS inca silver w/full rosewood neck

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    Wow that green cutlass is special, awesome collection.

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    Iím probably in the same boat as you. Iím afraid I would remember only the ones I have pictures of and miss a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by armybass View Post
    I’m probably in the same boat as you. I’m afraid I would remember only the ones I have pictures of and miss a lot.
    I've now remembered a few more. A honeyburst SR5 - gorgeous beast. But I spent all my energy on that photo and I'm not likely to go any further. It was fun, though, and made me ask myself, 'What happened to THAT one?' and so on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eilif View Post
    Obviously, you need more Bongos.
    Yeah, they're *almost* the entire left half of the picture... he needs 3-4 more, at least. :-)
    Awesome picture, by the way. Quite a lot of Dargies there.

    Quote Originally Posted by bovinehost View Post
    Some of my basses do get around a bit!
    I've got one.

    It's easy for me to keep track of because i've never let any go... so i'm up to 12 EBMM basses, plus 1 Earthwood bass and 1 Earthwood guitar. All in my sig, so far, but that's running into the 500 character limit, so i guess i'll have to stop buying things now. :-)
    93 SR 5 H fl trans teal
    90 SR 5 H fretted* trans red (orig. lined fl)
    07 SR 5 HH Dargie I
    07 SR 5 Hp fl black/whi
    08 SR 4 HH BFR Redwood
    09 SR 5 H Dargie II
    09 25th Anniversary 5 HSS
    09 Reflex 5 Rosewood
    10 Reflex 5 Lamborghini orange burst
    04 Bongo 5 HHp Sapphire
    06 Bongo 5 Hp Egyptian smoke
    14 Bongo 5 HSp fl Cardinal red sparkle
    17 Bongo 6 HS fl Starry Night, roasted
    12 Sterling 5 HS PDN honeyburst
    14 Sterling 5 HH Pacific blue-burst
    70s EB Earthwood bass
    72 EB Earthwood guitar

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    It all gets blurry after a while but here goes......

    I remember a teal Stingray 4 and that one went to Ray Duke while we were all in San Antonio, Jack. Then I ordered that killer sounding but about 12 pound SR5 from Bass Central. We all cried a little when I sent that one back and got a honeyburst SR5 to replace it. I remember a fretless SR 5 too. Briefly had a lovely Sterling honey burst/maple and traded that to Armybass for the Amber/rosewood SR5 that I currently have. Then there was the Bongo 6 that I got from Sweetwater on closeout but returned because of the wide spacing at the nut. Too bad. That was a killer bass. Oh wait! I also had a Sabre Classic that I sold to Armybass!

    So I remember having just 8 Music Man basses...7 if the Bongo does not count. For me...gearhead that I am..that is not many.

    I know I must not play one of the new SR5's....simply must not. They sound too good and I will want one. And then there is the Caprice.

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    2. Saved up and bought one as a senior in highschool, and one as a senior in college. Lots of hours at fast food for the first one and landscaping for the second.
    EBMM Stingray 4 HH Stealth Pearl
    EBMM Bongo 5 HH Stealth Black
    SBMM SUB 4 Custom Space Bass Refinish
    Oscar Schmidt Acoustic

    Markbass EVO 1
    GK NEO 4x10 and 1x15

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    Lucky 13!

    Looking at your pic- I see one mutually shared: The Dargie (1st gen) bongo 5HS.

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    I still have 11, not the same 11 but I seem to like odd numbers.
    Psycho Ward

    King of Lefthanzia

    "I now pronounce you KING of LEFTHANZIA...its official and no one can take it away..." -BP

    4 Bongos
    4 Sterlings
    2 SR5's
    1 SR4

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    I’m on #2, but I’m currently in the market for #3, whether it be in a trade or a straight purchase.

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    Psycho... when are we going to have the get together at your place? I remember us talking about a forum gathering many years ago on here. JOSH

    CAPRICE Natural
    Former owner of...
    BONGO - 4HH (Rolls Burgandy), 4Hp ("Small EQ"/Medallion Gold), 4H (Ice Blue), 5HSp (White), 4H (Black Sugar), 4H (PDN Honey Burst), 4H (PDN Tobacco Burst)
    STINGRAY - 4H (30TH), 4H (Dargie Delight), 4H (VSB/BFR RW Neck), 5H (08 LE)
    STERLING - 4HH (Dargie Delight), 4H (Stealth), 4HS (Natural)
    25TH - 5HH (Venetian Red)
    BIG AL - 4SSS (Olive Gold)

    Musicman Cutlass/Caprice Bass Club on Facebook.

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