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Thread: Oooohhhh Weeee NBD! SR5!

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    Oooohhhh Weeee NBD! SR5!

    1. Iím a EBMM unashamed Fan Boi

    2. Natural/Maple is my favorite combo

    3. The SR5 is my favorite bass.... period.

    4. Iíve been ordering several EBMM Basses over the past year or so because Iíve alwsys wanted a full stable of EBMM Basses in Natural/Maple

    5. Greg is my dealer/pusher/friend at Rocket Music who has been making my dreams come true!

    6, So far Iíve gotten a Stingray, Stingray 5, Stingray Classic and Sterling 5.

    7. My Stingray Classic 5 is on order and my next to be delivered.

    8. The next order will probably be a Sterling 5Fretless

    Here is my new baby.

    Oooohhhh Weeee NBD!  SR5!-be4bc310-000b-46ff-98cf-527e2667e6a4-jpg

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    That looks great in natural. Is it one of the new ones with the neo pickup.

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    I just found some photos of a few natural SR5s I once owned - beautiful basses. I need a more...whore-ish finish to be happy, but them naturals sure are purdy. Congrats, Scott-san!

    (And that's not one of the revamped SR5s. Those won't ship until mid-year or so.)

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    Thanks Jack. This one is as sweetheart. Right out of the box it took a minor tweak to make it perfect for me. All of my EBMM feel great but this one is my baby. Even with a bad back I got t out of bed to play it over and over last night.

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    Damn that is nice! I have to give my SR5's more love. They are sitting in their cases as of late. I still need to get a new nut put on one. MUST GET MOTIVATED.
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    Congrats, Scott! And thanks!
    Owner, Rocket Music

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    No Greg thank you! So glad you became a EBMM dealer! You’ll never get rid of me now.

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    Very nice score ! Natural is not usually my thing but that looks great! Nice one

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    I once saw one of the local bass hero's playing a Fender Precision in natural ash/rosewood. That combination has always looked killer to me however your natural/maple is mighty fine.

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