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Thread: Played a Caprice today....

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    Played a Caprice today....

    Stopped at Guitar Center today and they had a Caprice on the wall. Played that rascal and loved it. It does everything a Fender 4 string wishes it could do. The only Fender that came close to the Caprice was the very short lived Roscoe Beck IV.

    Both PU's on the Caprice sound perfect. Together they are fantastic. The boys have put together a bass that will appeal to just about anyone who plays 4 string electric bass.

    There are two things it needs to push me over the edge.....a B string and a bit wider neck.

    Yes, I know, egg in my beer.

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    Agreed. It is a tonal monster and a player too. It’s so EBMM but in a passive Classic offering!

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    I agree, great tone but There are two things it needs to push me over the edge.....a B string and a bit wider neck.
    Liquid Titanium

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    Looks like the prices on these just went up quite a bit today

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    By like 30%... wat!

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    Chuck, as you probably know, Mr Tee Fitch (not his real name, it's a coWpilot thing) loves old clunky Fenders. I've offered many times to get him a real guitar but he's just set in his ways. He plays bass sometimes with another band and he uses his nasty old Jazz bass (I loaned him a few and he was drooling but they were just "too nice".)

    But I think I got him now. He used my Caprice last weekend and is reticent to give it back. I got a text from him early that evening and it said this: "This. Effin. Thing."

    I said, "I KNOW."

    We're going to get him this time, I think.

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