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Thread: NBD 2000 Fretless Sterling.

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    NBD 2000 Fretless Sterling.

    Not New but new to me. A fantastic 2000 era Fretless Sterling. Aside from a few tucked away paint chips she is mint. My other Fretless Sterling has a unlined board and this one is lined. Fine playing and looking instrument.
    My only regret was that I had to trade my Fretted Sterling to get it but I still have my Fretted Classic Sterling and my Fretted Sterling 5.

    NBD 2000 Fretless Sterling.-bb9ed302-db70-40c9-93dc-0161583b85a5-jpg

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    Hey Scott. Looking good. Congrats

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    Very nice indeedy

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    Nice !
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    That colour is amazing, congrats!!

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    Thanks folks. Restrung with EB Extra Slinkies, new pick guard and new EBMM strap buttons. She’s hot!

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