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Thread: Classic Stingray and bass set up guide

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    Classic Stingray and bass set up guide

    I did an extensive search for this and didn't really find an answer or thread that had this listed. I recently bought a used 2017 Stingray Classic and it seems the previous owner changed the pickup height as it is now on a tilt. the bass side is much lower than the treble side. I'd like to reset it to factory or suggested specs if possible. Is there any such guide to go over this bass? Thank you for any guidance. Sorry if this has been discussed but I searched until I was blurry eyed.

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    Just try to adjust it until its level or it sounds good to you. The stingray won't explode.

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    If you go to the FAQ, and click "Music Man Basses", the factory setup specs should be the first thing:

    FAQ | Ernie Ball Music Man
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    2012 Stingray 5 H Pearl Blue / Rosewood FB / 3 Band EQ/ AlNiCo Pickup
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    In playing position with Bass on your lap, depress E string at last fret and measure 4/32 inches from bottom of E string to top of E magnet. Same with G string but measure 3/32 inches (or plus or minus a little so vol is even all the all the way across).

    Also as tbone says above.
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    Its a personal thing and just a matter of taste. Though it is a good idea to set it up as factory spec then adjust to your liking

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    I found the setup on the main EBMM site under FAQ section. Followed the suggested string and pickup height guideline and it now sounds and plays as a Stingray should. Thanks all.

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