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Thread: coWpilot: The Magic Green Cutlass

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    coWpilot: The Magic Green Cutlass

    coWpilot LiVe iN TeXaS by Jim Buchanan | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    I think there might be a song or two with the Big Al 5 but it's mostly the Cutlass. Not sure how long this will be public but at least for now it is. Soon to be available on iTunes, CDbaby, all the normal places.

    NO OVERDUBS! Many drinks. Good fun.

    Hope you enjoy as much as you can take.


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    Listened to a couple tracks. Sounds good and like it!

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    Guess was not public for long. Went back to check some more out and playlist can't be found.

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    We found some technical difficulties that must be addressed before release. Sorry! We're more upset than you are, trust me.

    Back to work!

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    really wanted to hear Jack Rip it up....see what I did there? even without referencing Gibson OR British felons.
    "Top pros 15 - Talkbass 0"

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    That green Cutlass is one of the best basses I have ever played.

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