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Thread: ** DUMB QUESTION ALERT ** .... Stealth f/b, are they ebony?

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    The fingerboard on one of my upright basses has a lovely light streak in it. I consider it a plus although some don't. I adore figured wood of all species.

    My Bongo 6 HH has a beautiful rosewood fingerboard with moderate figure. Wood. I love the stuff.

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    thanks man
    good ol' guitar center

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    I have owned three stealth models, Bongo 5, stingray 4 and a sterling 5. The ray had a slo neck with ebony fb. The other two had rosewood. Funny thing the ray wasn't marked as a slo as it was made before the logo was put on the peghead. The stealth matte finish eventually gets shiny from use. Loved all three!

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    thanks for taking the time Bert!
    have a good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.J. View Post
    Lighter and streakier ebony is starting to become the norm based on supply.
    Quote Originally Posted by DrKev View Post
    So were gonna start seeing more and more of the ebony that Mother Nature actually makes, which is often lighter colored and even streaked.
    Lucky for me, i *like* the lighter and streakier variants. (Though i must say a jet black chunk of ebony does look awesome in the right situations.) I would actually like an unlined fretless bass with a persimmon board, which is in the ebony family but *really* light (tending toward white with streaks and swirls).

    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    Is it the #F12607 ?
    Because this bass should be a Bongo 4 HH from 2005 in Sapphire Black with Rosewood fretboard.
    I've seen a fair number of listings of "stealth" basses for sale which turned out to be Sapphire Black. I wonder if the phrase was used in some of their marketing. They pretty much all had chrome hardware and weren't particulary stealthy except for the dark grey color.
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