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Thread: I just bought a brand new Big Al

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    I just bought a brand new Big Al

    I'd never heard of them till I saw one in PMT Bristol and sort of fell in love with it. I found out they were discontinued three years ago, so I thought it was a never-to-be-repeated chance to buy one brand-new. Did I do well? There can't be many brand-new ones left for sale in the known universe.

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    If you like it, you definitely did well! They are unique basses, both looks wise, and electronics wise.
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    2012 Stingray 5 H Pearl Blue / Rosewood FB / 3 Band EQ/ AlNiCo Pickup
    2012 Steve Morse Morse Blueburst / Rosewood FB
    2012 Luke III SSH Vintage Sunburst / Rosewood Neck

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    Good score! I've been on the look-out for a fretless 5 string SSS for what seems to be forever, I didn't think there were any Big Al's left in the UK.
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    pictures of that bad boy

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    Great basses!
    2010 Stingray 5 HS White/Tort/Rw
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    2012 Bongo 5 HH Tangerine Pearl/Black
    2013 Bongo 5 HS Sky Blue/Vintage White Pearl
    2013 Stingray 5 HH Honeyburst/White/Mp
    2014 Albert Lee HH Vintage Sunburst/Tort/ALL Rw!
    2016 Stingray HH Guitar Black/Black/Rw

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    Nice going! Show some photos.

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    It didn't happen without pics.

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    Good choice!

    I have an 2009 Big Al SSS4 and a 2010 SSS5 - my top Basses!

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