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Thread: Do you ever lock your case?

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    Do you ever lock your case?

    New EBMM basses come with a key to lock the case. I have never received a key with any used bass.

    Never lock my cases. Never even tested it out.

    Just curious. Does anyone lock them? Why if you do? Is it all the time, or just certain situations.


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    I never touched that key.

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    Why lock it when someone could just take the whole case. At shows, if I'm really worried and have to leave my bass backstage, I lock the case with the key and pass a bike lock (long wire with a combo/key) through the handle, and through the handles on my 4x10 so to take it they would have to cut the lock or try and sneak out with my cab and case locked together but I've only done that twice at sketchy gigs.
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    The lock on most instrument cases is pointless. At most, it keeps the latches from possibly working loose during handling. Other than that, I haven't found much use for them.
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    If someone is going to pinch it they will. The locks just make it a little more difficult to open the case and have a nose inside. After all one key does fit all !!

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    I have the key but never lock it.

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    The closest I've come is knowing the KEY and LOCK with the drummer.
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